Welcome to NATA’s e-learning platform.

NATA, the Network for the Advancement of Patient Blood Management, Haemostasis and Thrombosis, provides a multidisciplinary forum for dialogue between haematologists, blood bankers, anaesthesiologists, surgeons and other healthcare professionals interested in promoting best clinical practice in the fields of patient blood management, haemostasis and thrombosis. NATA’s mission statement – Promoting optimal patient blood management, haemostasis and thrombosis in everyday clinical practice through a multidisciplinary approach – reflects the various clinical issues encountered in the management of anaemia, bleeding and thrombosis.

E-learning is emerging as an attractive tool for continuing medical education (CME). Our plan is to develop a series of CME-accredited e-learning modules covering NATA’s main topics of interest. The first completed module, developed under the supervision of three members of NATA’s scientific committee (Prof. Manuel Muñoz, Dr. Elvira Bisbe and Prof. Jean-François Hardy), is entitled, “Detection, Evaluation and Management of Preoperative Anaemia”.

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